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Getting started is easy! Simply follow these steps: 1) Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. 2) Ensure you have a compatible smart device and a stable internet connection. 3) Make the payment and receive an email confirmation. Congratulations on joining us!

Upon payment, your subscription will be activated instantly. You will receive an email confirmation with all the necessary details. Please note that activation times may vary, but typically it is within minutes to a few hours during working hours and up to six hours outside working hours.

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Activating your subscription is a simple process. Just follow the instructions provided on our activation page after selecting your preferred package. If you encounter any difficulties, our support team is available to assist you promptly.

Our subscriptions support streaming on one screen at a time. However, you have the option to add a second screen at an attractive price to enjoy streaming on two screens simultaneously.

Certainly! We provide a wide range of international packages, including Arabic & Latino channels . You can add any country’s package to your subscription for free. Just contact our support team, and they will assist you in adding them instantly.

Absolutely! We update our movies and series content on a daily basis, ensuring you have access to the latest and most popular titles.

We have recommended a selection of applications that are highly regarded by our users for their performance and effectiveness on various devices. However, the ultimate decision depends on your personal preference and experience. We encourage you to explore and try different applications to find the one that suits your needs and preferences best.

Yes, our service allows you to use your subscription on multiple devices. However, please note that simultaneous streaming is limited to one device at a time.

Absolutely! Our service includes the catch-up feature, allowing you to rewind and watch programs that you may have missed up to six hours back.

Yes, after your initial subscription, you will receive a discount code. You can share this code with your friends and family or use it for additional discounts on a second screen. Our discount codes can provide savings of up to 60%.

As for the quality of the petal, we provide different quality, SD, HD, Full HD, and 4K